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A Brief History of the Quaker Hadley Family in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Indiana


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An account of the Quaker Hadley Family who are Our Ancestors

Quaker weddings are witnessed by congregation members, such as this at Chester County, PA meeting

Beginnings in America


Simon Hadley, a Quaker born in about 1675, came to America in 1712 with his first wife, Ruth Keran Hadley with their 6 children. They had 2 more children in America. According to the Hadley Society historical research, the Hadley family "...became Quakers some time between 1672 and 1685..."


Simon purchased 1000 acres of land about 30 miles southwest of Philadelphia in Steyning Manor, a township of William Penn's settlement. In 1717 Simon and Ruth Hadley built Messuage Plantation on this 1000 acres which was located between what is now Chester County, Pennsylvania and New Castle County, Delaware.


The Mason-Dixon survey of 1763-1769, undertaken to settle the William Penn - Lord Baltimore dispute as to the southern boundaries of Pennsylvania, located Messuage Plantation house just over the line in Delaware, near Hockessin, in what is now New Castle County, Delaware. The smaller part of his land was in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Click on Steyning Manor Township where Simon Hadley's Messuage Plantation was Built to read more and also see a map of their property, below.


Steyning Manor Township early 18th century


Simon Hadley and Ruth Keran Hadley’s children were:


- Joseph born August 1698,


- Deborah, born February 25, 1701,


- Joshua, who was our ancestor, born March 6, 1703,


- Simon, born December 23, 1705 and who never married,


- Hannah, born November 16, 1709,


- Ruth, born December 11, 1711, who married Thomas Lindley. Ruth Hadley died December 18, 1751.


- Katherine, born February 15, 1715,


- Ann, born December 7, 1717.


Simon died in Messuage Plantation in 1756, and he and Ruth were buried in the cemetary of the New Garden Friends Meeting, in what is now Chester County, Pennsylvania.

You can see a page of Simon Hadley's Last Will and Testament, below.

First Page of Simon Hadley's Will from 1756

Digressing briefly from our ancestry, an interesting note that descendents of Joseph Hadley (the eldest child, and not our ancestor) moved with other Hadley families to North Carolina, and then to Indiana, just as the descendants of Joshua, our ancestor.


For example, the great grandson of Joseph lived in Hendricks County, Indiana, and served on the Indiana State Supreme Court for 12 years. This was John Vestal Hadley, born October 31, 1840 in Hendricks County, Indiana and died November 17, 1915 in Plainfield, Indiana. Like the other Hadleys, they moved first to North Carolina and then to Indiana, generation after generation living nearby. This is not so surprising, since related pioneer families moving together in this way, particularly of the tight-knit Quaker community, was a feature of the settlement of the United States.


After Pennsylvania, Joseph Hadley's son Jacob Hadley (July 14,1786 to December 23, 1878) lived in Chatham, North Carolina where he married Ruth Hadley, and had 14 children, the first being Simon Hadley (January 30, 1810 to February 17, 1896), the uncle of John Vestal Hadley. This Simon Hadley's photograph is shown below.

Simon Hadley (January 30, 1810 to February 17, 1896) son of Jacob Hadley

Similarly, Simon Hadley's fifth child, Hannah Hadley moved to North Carolina and is buried in the Cane Creek Friends Meeting cemetary with many other Hadleys. Returning to Joshua Hadley (I), our ancestor (March 6, 1703 – Oct 21, 1760) he was the third child of Simon Hadley and Ruth Hadley.

Signature of Joshua Hadley, our ancestor (March 6, 1703 to Oct 21, 1760)

Joshua married twice. His first wife was Mary Roland, daughter of Thomas and Mary Roland whom he married on July 2, 1725 at the New Garden, Pennsylvania Friends Meeting. Her father, Thomas Roland was apparently related to the Roland brothers, John and Thomas came to Pennsylvania with William Penn in the ship "Welcome" in 1682 to settle Pennsylvania.

Joshua and Mary Roland's mother, Mary Mason Roland had purchased 700 acres of land in the northeast corner of Steyning Manor in 1708, the same William Penn township where Simon and Ruth Hadley had purchased their 1000 acres for the creation of Messuage Plantation. Click on Steyning Manor Township where Simon Hadley's Messuage Plantation was Built to see Mary Roland's property.

Joshua and Mary had three children, who may all have been born at the Hadley family seat at Messuage Plantation. They were: Ruth Hadley (1726 - 1812), Thomas Hadley (1728 - 1781), and Sarah Hadley (born 1730 and whose death is not recorded.)

Mary Roland Hadley died in 1733, possibly in childbirth.

Joshua then married Patience Brown (May 25, 1712 – May 23, 1783) of Chester County, Pennsylvania, daughter of Jeremiah and Mary Royle Brown. Patience Brown and her family were active members in the New Garden Friends Meeting of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

New Garden Friends Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Joshua and Patience Hadley had nine children: - Simon (born March 5, 1737),

- Mary (born January 30, 1739),

- Jeremiah (born January 7, 1741, died 1786) who also moved to Chatham County, North Carolina,

- Joshua (II), our ancestor (born May 23, 1742),

- Joseph (born October 5, 1745),

- Deborah (born December 29, 1747),

- Hannah (born February 26, 1749),

- Catherine (born September 24, 1752) and

- Lydia (born November 24, 1756 when Joshua was 53 and Patience was 44).

The fourth child of Joshua and Patience was Joshua Hadley (II), our ancestor, born in New Castle, Delaware.

Joshua Hadley (I) moved with Patience and his family first to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia in about 1748. Then, eight years later in 1756, they relocated again to Cane Creek, North Carolina. These movements were nearly certainly down the Great Philadelphia Wagon Route, which was not more than ruts passing over the Appalachian mountains and through the endless forests, down through Virginia to the Carolinas, as shown in the map below. Cane Creek in Chatham County, North Carolina is not far from this wagon route.

Great Philadelphia Wagon Route as it was in the mid 18th century

The move to Cane Creek was taken with other Quaker families, and this area had already been settled by other Friends. The same Quaker family names of Chester County, Pennsylvania were then found in Virginia, and finally in Chatham County, North Carolina, where Cane Creek was located. The Cane Creek Quaker Meeting was founded in 1749 and became a Monthly Meeting in 1751.

Cane Creek Meeting, Chatham County, North Carolina


The Hadley Society records state: '...In 1756, at the age of 53 and within a few months after his father's death, he [Joshua senior] joined his sisters Ruth and Hannah and their families at Cane Creek, North Carolina. Patience applied for a certificate for her family to transfer to Cane Creek [Friends Meeting] with the New Garden, Pennsylvania Meeting which was granted her and her children 8 mo 28, 1756..."


The Hadley Society further states: "...Joshua lived only about four years after going to North Carolina. He accumulated several tracts of land and built a mill in Alamance County. He apparently established a reputation as an earlier founder of that area, because in 1931 the South Alamance Pioneer Association erected a memorial monument to him and his wife Patience at Spring Meeting..." Joshua senior died in Orange County, NC on about September 17, 1760.

To read Joshua Hadley senior's will, click on Will of Joshua Hadley.


So our ancestor, Joshua Hadley (II), who was born May 23, 1742 in New Castle, Delaware, moved with his parents to Virginia and then to North Carolina. He was married in Orange County, North Carolina on 28 September 1761 to Ruth Lindley.


Ruth Lindley Hadley was born in March 25, 1745 in London Grove, Chester County, Pennsylvania (site of the London Grove Quaker meeting). The Quaker Lindley family presumably moved to what is now North Carolina at about the time several Hadley families did so.


Joshua (II) Hadley and Ruth Lindley Hadley, both Friends, had 16 children during 27 years, a truly biblical number! They were:


- Sarah, born August 17, 1762 (when Ruth Hadley was 17), who married first Eli Newlin, and later Jeremiah Pickett.


- Thomas, born December 10, 1763, who married Mary Newlin, presumably a sister of Eli Newlin.

- Simon, the third child, and our ancestor, was born October 6, 1765.


- Joshua, the fourth child, born January 24, 1767 died early at age 5 on October 21, 1772.


- William, born December 12, 1768 who married Sarah Clark.


- John, born December 23, 1770, who married Lydia Harvey.


- Also there was a second daughter born October 12, 1772, but who unfortunately died October 28, 1772 after 16 days, unnamed. Was there an illness in the home that took away this young girl and also her five year old brother, Joshua who had died just 7 days earlier?


- Ruth was born October 14, 1773 and married Hugh Woody.


- Mary was born October 15, 1775, who married Nathaniel Edward.


- A son Jeremiah was born October 16, 1777 who married Mary Hornaday.


- Jonathan, eleventh child born September 9, 1779 married Ann Long.


- Jacob, the twelfth child was born March 1, 1781 married Phoebe Picket.


- Joshua, named after their fourth child who had died so young, was born December 13, 1783 and married Rebecca Henshaw.


- Catherine, their fourteenth child was born June 13, 1787 married Jesse Dixon, perhaps a relative of Thomas Dixon, Hannah Hadley's husband.


- The fifteenth child, Joseph was born June 13, 1787, and married Mary Henshaw, presumably a sister of Rebecca Henshaw.


- The sixteenth and final child, Patience, was born June 17, 1789 (when Ruth Hadley was 44 years old) and married Benjamin Pickett, whom I suppose to be a brother, or other relative of Jeremiah Pickett.



Signature of our ancestor, Simon. Hadley (October 6, 1765 to April 3, 1843)


Ruth Lindley Hadley died 15 July 1798 In Chatham County, North Carolina at the relatively young age of 53. Joshua (II) outlived Ruth Hadley by 18 years. Joshua is said to have subsequently married Lydia Beals Hiatt, born 1739, and 3 years older than Joshua. Lydia, whose family also were members of the New Garden Friends Meeting, was the widow of Christopher Hiatt. Joshua also outlived his second wife by 15 years, dying in Chatham County, North Carolina on August 4, 1816, aged 74.


So, the third child of Joshua and Ruth, our ancestor Simon T. Hadley was born in October 6, 1765 in Chatham County, North Carolina.


Simon T. Hadley married Elizabeth Thompson on May 10, 1787 in the Cane Creek Friends Meeting, Chatham County, North Carolina.


Also, like Simon's parents, Elizabeth and Simon had a "biblical" number of children: 14 in total, all born in Chatham County, North Carolina.


- Martha Hadley, their first child lived May 14, 1787 to October 18, 1847.


- James T. Hadley lived July 16, 1789 to February 27, 1871. It is interesting that James T. Hadley also moved from North Carolina with other Hadley families to Hendricks County, Indiana. This was in 1825 with his wife, Mary Richardson Hadley, and their eight children.


- the third child, Ruth Hadley was born March 14, 1793 and died at age four in 28 October 28, 1797.


- Jonathan T. Hadley was born March 14, 1793 and died in October 28, 1879 in Clinton County, Ohio.


- Joshua T. Hadley lived from January 28, 1795 to October 14, 1841.


- Sarah T. Hadley lived from December 27, 1796 to January 8, 1877, and later married a second cousin, Simon B. Hadley.


- Elizabeth lived from January 4, 1799 until December 22, 1858.


- Simon T. Hadley lived from September 23, 1801 until March 8, 1872.


- the ninth child, Eleanor Hadley lived only two and one half years, from September 5, 1803 until March 13, 1806.


- John T. Hadley lived from December 13, 1805 until July 25, 1857.


- Mary T. Hadley lived from February 22, 1808 until November 19, 1880.


- Thomas T. Hadley lived from May 12, 1810 until October 13, 1884.


- Jeremiah Hadley lived to be only two years old, born June 2, 1812 and dying July 5, 1814.


- William Tilghman Hadley, our ancestor was the fourteenth child, born July 14, 1814, and lived until November 17, 1889 aged 75.


- the fifteenth child, Eleanor Hadley, presumably named after her sister who died ten years before at age 2 1/2, was born in 1816.


It is interesting to note that four of Simon T. Hadley's 15 children married children of Joshua Hadley, the son of Jeremiah Hadley, son of Joshua (I) Hadley and Patience Brown, and therefore third cousins:


Sarah T. married Simon B. Hadley, son of Joshua Hadley. Elizabeth married John B. Hadley, son of Joshua Hadley. Mary Hadley married Joshua B. Hadley son of Joshua Hadley. Simon T. Hadley married Mary Hadley, daughter of Joshua Hadley.


In the 1820s and 1830s, many Quaker families migrated in groups. Since Quakers were opposed to slavery, and as the slavery issue became more and more divisive in southern communities, Quaker families moved together, helping each other and tending to relocate together. This is the reason that so many of our Hadley ancestors and near relatives settled in Hendricks County and adjoining Morgan County in Indiana during this period.


As to the exact date of Simon Hadley and his family's relocation to Indiana, the Hadley Society notes cite different dates.


From by Henry Mills Hadley:


"...My great grandfather Simon Hadley of near Danville and Joshua Hadley of North Branch neighborhood, pioneers of Hendricks Co, Ind. emigrated from Chatham Co. NC to Hendricks Co IN. about 1824 settling in and making farms in the heavily timbered lands of central Ind..."

A different dates comes from A Hadley Genealogy which states: "...On July 25, 1829, Simon, then 63 yrs of age, together with his wife and younger children [moved to Indiana]. Most of their children had already preceded them to Indiana..."


The records show that between1823 and 1830, many Friends families decided to move from North Carolina to Indiana. The Hadley Society source states that they surveyed Indiana and "... returning to North Carolina, they, with hundreds of other Friends equally anxious to leave the South, sold their lands and all other possessions which could not be hauled over the rough roads to the new country...in settling in the new country, the Hadleys...were surrounded by forests and unsettled conditions, but they formed communities with other Friends and soon erected meeting houses and school buildings..."


Hendricks County wooden house, late 1850s, such as pioneers like William and Tillman Hadley lived in


A Hadley Genealogy further tells of the death of Simon T. Hadley in a carriage accident: "...Both Simon and his wife died at the home of their son-in-law, Simon B. Hadley, nr Mooresville, IN. He died of injuries caused by a run-away team..." This account seems not totally correct, since Elizabeth Hadley lived a further year after Simon T. Hadley's death.


This Simon B. Hadley (May 9, 1795 to April 5, 1856) was the son-in-law of Simon T. and Elizabeth Hadley, and was the grandson of our ancestor Joshua (I) Hadley and Patience Brown, and therefore a second cousin of Simon T. Hadley, our ancestor.


The son-in-law, Simon B. Hadley had married Sarah T. Hadley (1796 - 1877), daughter of Simon T. and Elizabeth. This son-in-law had a large Hadley family in Morgan County, next to Hendricks County consisting of 14 children: Jeremiah S. (born 1816 in Chatham, North Carolina), Martha (born 1817 in North Carolina), Ruth (born 1819 in Chatham County, North Carolina), Eliza (born 1821 in North Carolina), Emma (born 1823 in Chatham County, North Carolina), Noah S (born 1825 in Chatham Co., North Carolina), Levi S (born 1826 in Morgan County, Indiana), Miles S. (born in 1828 in Mooresville, Morgan County, Indiana), Moses S. (born 1830 in Morgan County, Indiana), Zimri (born 1831 in Morgan County, Indiana), Elizabeth Jane (born 1834 in Morgan County, Indiana), Sarah Ann (born 1836 in Morgan County), baby Hadley (born in 1839 and died that year), and Simon H. (born 1840 in Mooresville, Morgan County, Indiana). A photograph of Simon H. Hadley is shown below.


Another account of our ancestor, Simon T. Hadley's death in an accident comes from the Marcia Allenby records: "...Simon HADLEY was living with a son Wm. HADLEY near Danville...and while being moved from Danville to his daughters, Sarah HADLEY wife of Simon B. HADLEY, he and wife were thrown out of the wagon by the team running away, and he falling on a stump and breaking one thigh, and I saw him being carried past our house in a frame couch by some men (my father being one of them) from the place of the accident to my Grandfathers. [Marcia has inserted here 'Simon B's.]."


Records list Simon's death on April 3, 1843 in Mooresville, Morgan County (the county just south of Hendricks County), confirming this account of Simon being killed by this carriage accident. Elizabeth lived one year longer, dying August 16, 1844 in Hendricks County. They were both buried in the Mill Creek Cemetary in Danville, Indiana.


The fourteenth child of Simon T. and Elizabeth, William Tilghman Hadley, our ancestor, was born on July 14, 1814 in Chatham County, North Carolina. William Tilghman Hadley grew up in Chatham County, before the family moved to Hendricks County, Indiana.

William Tilghman Hadley married Beulah Hunt in Hendricks County Indiana on November 12, 1837, when he was age 23 and she was 21. Beulah Hunt was of a Quaker family which also moved to Indiana from North Carolina, likely at the same time.


William and Beulah had two sons, Tillman Hadley, born April 13, 1839, and Daniel, born January 13, 1843 and who died August 2, 1865, aged 22. William and Beulah had no further children, since Beulah died 11 days after the birth of Daniel, probably of complications consequent to the birth. It would seem William and Beulah adopted a simplified spelling of Tilghman's name, although some records relating to Tillman (Tilghman) Hadley use the 'gh" spelling. Perhaps the simplified spelling evolved during Tillman's life, as a convenience.


Tillman Hadley is listed in the 1840 Indiana Census as cited above, and in the Census of 1850, he is listed as living with William. Also listed are brother Daniel age 7. In the household are Mary E. Hadley , Harriet age 4, Martha age 2, Ruth Hadley, age 28, Joseph 77 and Anne Hodson 78, all in Hendricks County in the 1850 Census. More research is need to identify these other Hadley relatives living with William, Tillman, and Daniel.


William died 17 November 1889 in Hendricks County, Indiana, outliving his wife Beulah by 43 years, and also outliving his son Tillman who had died of appendicitis nearly two years previously. William T. Hadley is buried in the Sugar Grove cemetary.


Tillman Hadley was born April 13, 1839 in Chatham County, North Carolina and died on January 16, 1888 in Hadley, Hendricks County, Indiana. He died suddenly at age 48 of appendicitis.

Tillman Hadley's mother, Beulah Hunt was born on November 28, 1816 in Guilford County, North Carolina, one of six children. Her parents were Zimri and Rebecca Hunt, Hendricks County pioneers, arriving in Indiana in 1827. Beulah died on January 24, 1843 aged only 26 following childbirth of her son, Daniel. She is buried in Mill Creek Friends cemetary.


Tillman Hadley married twice. His first marriage was to Susanna Jane Coffin. Susanna was born in 1843 in Hendricks County, Indiana and married Tillman Hadley on 28 February 28, 1863.


From this first marriage, Tillman had two children:


- Melmoth K, Hadley, June 4, 1864 who died in 1881, aged 17 and is buried in Mill Creek Cemetary in Hendricks County.


- Julia Vashti Hadley, born October 18, 1866 also in Hendricks County, Indiana. Julia was married Orlando Cox on September 30, 1886, and later located to Texas.

Suzanna Coffin Hadley died November 19, 1866 only a month after giving birth to Julia Hadley, so likely as a consequence to childbirth complications, all too frequent in the nineteenth century. She was just 23 years old, and is buried in the Mill Creek Friends cemetary.


2 years and 10 months later, Tillman married a second time. Tillman Hadley's second marriage took place September 8, 1869. At that time, Tillman married his third cousin, Hannah Hadley who was a great grandchild of Joshua Hadley (II) (May 23, 1742 - August 4, 1816) and Ruth Lindley Hadley (March 25, 1745 - 15 July 1798).   Hannah Hadley's family also moved to Indiana in about 1840, because Hannah was born in Indiana, but Hannah's sister, Alida Hadley (Dec 18, 1839 - July 27, 1923), aunt of Seth Hadley, sister of Hannah Hadley Alida Hadley, and who married John Cox in 1869 was born in North Carolina.



The 1870 Census shows Tillman Hadley, age 31 (but with the spelling of "Tighlman", which does not correspond even with Tilghman), as living in Hendricks County. It also shows Hannah, Tillman's second wife then pregnant, aged 29 and Tillman's children from his first wife, Melmoth, aged 6 and Julia, aged 3. Tillman's first child with Hannah, Luther Hadley was not born until later in 1870 (October 18).


To read an interesting contemporary account of Tillman Hadley and of Beulah Hunt Hadley's family from 1885, click on the link Tillman Hadley Biographical Article

Hannah Hadley was born 2 April 1841 in Hadley, Hendricks County, Indiana. Her father was Nathan Hadley, born December 1, 1814 in Iredell County North Carolina. He died April 10, 1892 in Hadley, Hendricks County, Indiana.


Hannah Hadley's mother was Olive Newlin, born October 3. 1814 in North Carolina. Olive died on August 7, 1844 aged only 29.


Hannah Hadley was a third cousin of Tillman Hadley, with her father, Nathan Hadley being a grandson of Joshua Hadley (II), (May 23, 1742 - August 4, 1816) and Ruth Lindley Hadley (March 25, 1745 - 15 July 1798).


Tillman Hadley and Hannah Hadley were married on September 8, 1869. They had seven children:


- Luther Hadley (October 18, 1870 - March 16, 1935) in Hadley, Hendricks County, Indiana. Luther married Grace Daugherty (September 15, 1876 - March 26, 1948) in 1899, and they had four children: Ester, born in 1901 and who lived in Eaton, Indiana as of 1962 but whose date of death is not recorded, Olive Hadley, (named after Luther's younger sister who had died at a young age). Olive, daughter of Luther, seems never to have married, (November 8, 1903 - January, 1983), Myron D. Hadley, who also seems not to have married (January 31, 1906 - June 20, 1939), Alma Hadley (born September 6, 1907 - July 1985) who went to Indiana State, class of 1929 and who married Hobart Dennis Hopkins on June 13, 1931, Uriel G. Hadley (January, 12, 1911 - January 27, 1987) who married Mamie Agnes Brown, and Lewis Eldon Hadley (April 30, 1915 - September 17, 1997) who married Bernice June Darnall. Luther is buried in the Hadley Friends cemetary.


Luther Hadley October 18, 1870 - March 16, 1935

- Olive Hadley was born November 4, 1872. Olive died young at age 21 of tuberculosis, August 9, 1894, and is buried in the Hadley Friends cemetary.


Olive Hadley, November 4, 1872 - August 9, 1894


- Olive Hadley was born November 4, 1872. Olive died young at age 21 of tuberculosis, August 9, 1894, and is buried in the Hadley Friends cemetary.


- Beulah Hadley was born March 10, 1874. She also went to Indiana State Normal School. Beulah never married, and is listed in the 1930 Census as living alone in Hadley, Clay Township, where she died January 5, 1935 at age 60. She is buried in the Hadley Friends Meeting cemetary.


- Smythy Hadley born March 9, 1876 in Hadley, Hendricks County, Indiana. Also went to Indiana State Normal School.

         Smythy Hadley


Smythy married Herman Lindsay Haworth, also a Quaker, (born March 4, 1879) on August 22, 1903. They had children Tillman Hadley Haworth, born June 4, 1904, who married Maude Burk on June 16, 1929, Byron Allen Haworth, born June 27, 1907 who died in North Carolina on July 11, 1985, and Herman Elvin Haworth, born June 4, 1909 who also moved to North Carolina where he died on April 9, 1986. Smythy died in Danville January 27, 1960, aged 83.


- William X. Hadley was born January 1, 1878 in Hadley, Hendricks County, Indiana and who died March 9, 1932, aged only 54 years. William married Ellen D. Hadley in about 1908, and their children were Tillman J. Hadley (May 11, 1909 -November 22, 1979 ) and Mary H. Hadley (1914 - ).


- Paul Hadley born April 22, 1880 in Hadley, Hendricks County, Indiana. Paul married Ella Josephine McCollum, born in 1883, and they had a son, Nathen, born in 1907 and a daughter Leath born in 1913. Paul died September 29, 1920, aged only 40 of a heart attack.


- Seth Tillman Hadley was born October 10, 1887 in Hadley, Hendricks County, Indiana and died September 14 1964, aged 76.



Seth Hadley age 1 in 1889


Hannah Hadley, being a widow of Tillman had to bring up seven children orphaned by their father’s early death. She is said to have promised each of them either a college education, or part of the family farm. Two daughters, Beulah and Smythy both went to Indiana State Normal School (now Indiana State).

Hannah Hadley died on January 20, 1927 and is buried in Hadley Friends Meeting cemetary.

Danville, Indiana East side of Courthouse Square when Nelle and Seth Hadley were married


Seth Hadley attended the Central Academy in Plainfield, Indiana, and in 1906 gained admission to Rose Polytechnic Institute in Terre Haute, Indiana.


William and Seth both went to Rose Polytechnic Institute, which was then along with Rensselaer Polytechnic, were the 2 leading US engineering universities (MIT did not become a leading engineering school until after about 1910).


Rose Polytechnic Institute in Terre Haute, Indiana 1906


William and Seth both became electrical engineers.


The 1910 Anulus Yearbook of Rose Poly has the following to say about William: "Entered the Institute from Hadley, Ind. in 1897, age 19; graduated in the Electrical Engineering Course in 1901. In 1901 to 1903 in the Electrical Department of the Homestead Steel Works, Munhall, Pa. From April 1903 to February 1904, with the Wilmington Malleable Iron Works, Wilmington, Del. In 1904, Superintendent Electrical and Mechanical Department Malleable Iron Works. In 1905, with E.I. DuPont Company, Wilmington, Del. In 1906 Assistant Engineer Eastern Dynamite Company, Barksdale, Wis. From 1907 to present time with Electrical and Mechanical Departments Isthmian Canal Commission, Culebra, Canal Zone."


William worked on the Panama Canal, where he is said to have designed the "mules" or electric train engines which pulled ships through the canal.


William married Ellen D. Hadley, 1883 - 1963 who outlived William by some 30 years.

Seth also became an electrical engineer, but after his marriage to Nelle, moved back with his mother to run the family farm, his older brothers having left the farm.


In 1906, Seth Hadley entered Rose Polytechnic Institute, nine years after brother William. "Rose Poly" was later renamed the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.


It is interesting to note that in the Rose Polytechnic Yearbook, "The Modulus" of 1909, Seth Hadley is listed as Seth Tilghman Hadley, using the older family spelling, as shown in the picture, below.


Seth must have been a student leader there, since he was on the Student Executive, was captain of the Football Team, captain of the Basketball team until he resigned, and captain of the Baseball team. He was also President of the Athletic Association, and Vice-president and leader of bible studies of the Young Men’s Christian Association. He was head of the Electrical Engineering Students association.


Seth Hadley died on September 14 1964 in Hendricks County, Indiana, 26 days prior to his 77th birthday.


Nelle Waller, sometimes known by her nickname "Nellie", seemed herself to usually use Nelle, as shown in the records of Indiana State Normal School.


Nelle Waller was born in Dennison, Illinois in September 27, 1889 and died at age 98 in April 1988 in Hendricks County, Indiana.


Nelle Waller's father was John Waller born October 1868 in Clark County, Illinois. John Waller's father, Jefferson C. Waller, a blacksmith and engineer in the Civil War, was born in born in 1829 in Kentucky and his mother, Catherine J. Waller was born in 1837 in Indiana.


Nelle Waller's mother was Mary Ann Strubel Waller born in Illinois in October, 1871. Mary Ann's father was born in Ohio and her mother in North Carolina.


John Waller and Mary Ann Waller are recorded as being married on May 23, 1888 in Clark County, Illinois.


The Waller family records are interesting, and also require some historical detective work to put together a correct chronology. To read more about Waller Family history and records, click here: Waller Family Records, or click on the link below.


By 1900, the Waller family had moved to 1120 North Eighth Street, Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. Living there were John and Mary Ann Waller and their daughter Nelle, born September 27, 1889 and son Jesse born May 1, 1894. Their house was 3 houses away from where Seth Hadley lived during his Rose Poly days, at 1135 North Eighth Street, Terre Haute.


John Waller's occupation is listed as "Railroad Mail Clerk", and it would seem that the family relocated from Illinois to Indiana due to John's job with the railroad.


John Waller worked for the railroad called in 1900, the "Terre Haute & Indianapolis" but this name and ownership changed several times during the period he would have worked there.


Nelle Waller enrolled in the "Indiana State Normal School" which was located in Terre Haute, and later became Indiana State University. She graduated in 1912.

Indiana State (at that time "Indiana State Normal School")

where Smythy Hadley and Beulah Hadley, and Nelle Waller Hadley went to College


Nelle studied to become a teacher. In the 1911 "Normal Advance" (the school's monthly journal), Nelle Waller was an editor, President of the Myosotis Women's League (see picture below), class editor and she was also Vice President of her Senior Class.


Being married less than two years after graduation, it does not seem that Nelle actually acted professionally as a teacher.


The families living nearby on North Eighth Street in Terre Haute were all bookkeepers, clerks, teacher, attorney, boilermaker, lumber yard superintendent, dry goods merchant, etc. so Nelle seems to have grown up surrounded by industrious professional people.


Also living nearby, 3 houses away, and across the street at 1135 North Eighth Street in 1910 was Seth Hadley, living with his mother, Hannah Hadley, as shown in the 1910 Census records. The image below shows the locations of their homes. Hannah apparently decided to live with Seth during the time Seth went to Rose Poly. This would likely be the way that Seth and Nelle first got to know each other.



Also, Indiana State and Rose Poly had much interaction, including sports and entertainment. An example is the except below of a 1910 basketball game between Rose Poly and Indiana State in which "Coach Seth Hadley" officiated (see picture).



Seth Tillman Hadley married Nelle Waller on May 14, 1914 in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, two years after Nelle had graduated from Indiana State Normal. They seem to have lived at least another year in Terre Haute, but returned to the family farm in Hadley, Hendricks County sometime before 1919.


Seth and Nelle had two children:


- Ruth Mary Hadley, born July 28, 1915 in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana.


- Alida Harriet Hadley ("Harriet" to all), named after her Aunt Alida (sister of Hannah Hadley). Harriet was born in February 21, 1919 in Hadley, Hendricks County, Indiana.


Ruth Mary Huffman married Walter C. Huffman, whom she had met at Purdue University on Ruth Mary's birthday 28 July in 1937. Following their wedding, Ruth Mary moved to join Walter in Aruba in the Netherlands West Indies where Walter was already working at the Royal Dutch Shell oil refinery. While in Aruba, their first child Ruth Hadley Huffman was born on May 2, 1938 and James Ralph Huffman was born on November 14, 1940. When the family relocated back to the US, to Philadelphia, their third child Lawrence Huffman was born August 9, 1944.


In December, 1937, Harriet Hadley married Charles Allen Whicker of Hendricks County (June 30, 1920 - March 18, 2007), son of Otto Whicker (August 16, 1884 - March 1973) and Martha Snyder Whicker.


To read a biographical sketch of the Whickers in Hendricks County, click on the Hendricks County Whicker Biographical Note.


Harriet and Charles Whicker had seven children:


Nancy Whicker, born August 29, 1939, who married William C. (known to all as Bill) Sutton, born November, 1939, and who had children Gary and Andrew Jay Sutton.


David A. Whicker, born December 29, 1941, who married Suzanne Whicker in 1967. David graduated from Purdue in 1963. They have three children, Timothy Allen Whicker, Steven Seth Whicker, and Douglas Wayne Whicker all of whom are Purdue graduates. Steven Seth's wife Trisha Kae Bond Whicker also graduated from Purdue.


John Whicker, born November 5, 1943, who married Jolin Whicker. Both John and Jolin are also Purdue grads. Their children are Erick, Seth, both Ball State grads, and Jennifer who is a teacher.

Janet Whicker, who married Bob Stephenson, was born March 10, 1946. Their children are Annette, Chuck, and Seth. Annette and her husband Andrey Maier graduated from Purdue in 1985 and 1983 respectively.


C. Richard (Dick) Whicker, born October 29, 1948 is a Purdue graduate. He married Jody Whicker, and their children are Stephanie, a Ball State grad, and Josh.


Barbara Jane Whicker, born January 8, 1951, who married Michael Peters. Their children are Heather and Nathan. Nathan is a Purdue graduate. Barbara Jane and Mike are both Ball State grads, where Barbara graduated Cum Laude.


Michael R. Whicker, born March 20, 1952, was a Purdue grad, and married Liz Whicker. They had four children, Kathy, Melissa, Gregory and Brian. Gregory and Brian followed their father to Purdue. Mike died in September, 1989 from a fall in the grain silo on the family farm.



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